Services Offered

Property Transfers

Hassle free property transfer

Real Estate Properties

House and Lots, Condominium Units and similar properties

Personal Properties

All types of Motor Vehicles

Transfer of Ownership Real Estate Properties

(House and Lots, Town Houses Condos etc.) and Personal Properties (Vehicles)

Payment of Real Estate Taxes, Capital Gains Tax, Documentary Stamp Taxes etc in relation to Transfers

Securing of Title Traceback Verification for Real Properties and Vehicle History for Personal Properties

Securing of Certified True Copies of Titles, Transfer documents and other related documents in the Registry of Deeds.

We can process Cancellation of Mortgage for fully paid Auto or Housing Loans

We can process LTO Related transactions such as updating of records, renewal, change of denomination, color etc.

We can process correction of erroneous entries in the Title or ORCR of your properties

These may include in addition to the Registry of Deeds, all related transactions in the BIR, Assessor's Office and Land Transportation Office. Services for Cancellation of existing mortgages and encumbrance of fully paid loans are also available.

Property Verification for both Real properties and vehicles. We can perform title tracebacks, verifications and checking of issues in the titles for real estate and securing of certified true copies. This is essential not only for due diligence for buyers but also for submission for loan application in case of bank financing.


Reasonable rates shall apply depending on the type of work requested. These can be discussed by our account officers in our Hotline.

Area of Coverage

We cater to NCR and provinces of Region III and IV. For areas not included, we can accommodate upon special request. Call us for more information.

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