What If What’s Yours Isn’t Fully Yours Yet? How Trident Asikaso can help you process Cancellation of Mortgage.

  • By Tridentasikaso
  • March 16, 2021

Maybe you’re planning to buy a car, and in the meantime, you are eyeing to own a second-hand vehicle. A friend comes up to you to sell his car. It’s six months old but the paint job is as good as new. The engine makes a clean revving sound, telling you of its good condition. Upon inspecting the car’s interior, you started to feel cozy. Now you are imagining long road-trips to Baguio or La Union with that second-hand vehicle, ready to be yours.

One problem though, you thought to yourself, what about the property documents? After buying this car, how can I make sure there are no documentary issues; alarms, apprehensions?

One problem though, you thought to yourself, what about the property documents? After buying this car, how can I make sure that it is mine?

That is where Trident Asikaso comes in and your worries go away. 

Did you know that even if the vehicle you bought is encumbered in Metro Manila, but mortgaged in another city or region, the cancellation of the mortgage must be processed in that distant city or region?

And if you have to do it yourself, you must travel far to settle the mortgage’s cancellation along with all the required documents to be sent to the region’s Registry of Deeds. So before traveling, you must first know and procure all the documents. All the documents you may forget to bring while traveling. Imagine what hassle it may bring you.

Not only that, you have to wait within five to ten days before the cancellation is officially issued. 

But that’s okay. 

Trident Asikaso may forgive you for not knowing the technical aspects of owning a property, for being timid about waiting in-line and filling-up dragging forms before finally owning your car. In fact, Trident Asikaso saves you from all the possible hassle you may experience. 

The situation mentioned above actually happened to one of Trident Asikaso’s clients. A trusted friend of this client sold him a second-hand vehicle, however, even though his trusted friend did not know the policies about a mortgaged property. 

Little did they know that even if the client’s vehicle is encumbered under Metro-Manila’s LTO, the cancellation of mortgage must be done in Legazpi City, Albay. A place that takes a plane-ticket or a 12-hour bus-ride to arrive, and another 12 hours to get back here. The imagined “long-road trip” is done before even riding the purchased property. 

But of course, Trident Asikaso did not let the client go through all the hassle of amending property documents. 

In fact, it was Trident Asikaso themself who found out about the mortgage issue… and truly, what they have done saves a huge amount of time and peace of mind. 

With Trident Asikaso’s help, they taught the client of the requirements for canceling the vehicle’s mortgage in Legazpi City, documents which the client easily provided.

And instead of booking a plane ticket to send the client to Albay, Trident Asikaso sent their own personnel to take care of the issue. Enabling the client to take care of his car, maybe he got it a new paint job and showed it to his friends. Maybe he already drove and tested it without worrying about all the documents to be settled.

As mentioned earlier, cancellation of mortgage is issued within five to ten days, but thanks to Trident Asikaso’s efficiency, the cancellation was issued only within three days. 

It really does save you a lot of time and peace of mind, just to claim the property you want officially “mine.” 

Having trouble with the Cancellation of Mortgage of a property? Contact Trident Asikaso to do the work, as they will settle your property properly, and hassle-free!



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