What if Effort Turns To A Hassle? Seek Trident Asikaso’s expertise in Amilyar

  • By Tridentasikaso
  • March 16, 2021

Congratulations on your newly-bought house! 

It must really feel good to not just see that your hard-work paid off, but be able to live in a house built by your hustle. 

Whether it’s a house just for you, for a couple, or for a family (and a cat or dog sometimes), you have to pay for the land tax or, as it is commonly known in the Philippines, amilyar. 

Of course, it is fully understandable that you might just want to rest and lay your weary head on your soft and comfy bed, in your cozy bedroom, in the new house that you have bought. We all deserve that kind of rest, don’t we. It’s good to feel at home and not worry about all the paperwork.

That’s why Trident Asikaso is here, so you can just snuggle up in your bed instead of waiting in line for three hours in order to get a full assessment of how much amilyar is needed to be paid—not the actual payment yet. 

Trident Asikaso will tell you the documents you need, once provided, they will take care of your land tax payment while you can enjoy or relax inside the comfort of your new home. 

If Trident Asikaso finds out any issues about your property, additional services such as processing Certificate of no Improvement is offered, as some land property may have tricky history or records. 

Once the issues are identified, let Trident Asikaso do the work. Just sit down, relax, open a bottle of wine, and celebrate for being a new landowner. 

Trident Asikaso is not just familiar, but an expert in amilyar! Contact Trident Asikaso today to settle your property properly… and hassle-free!



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