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Raffle time! 3 tablets to given away!

Raffle time!!!!!

This one is for the parents struggling to figure out how they will be doing this whole distanced learning thing with their kids and worrying about the cost of buying those mandatory gadgets. Our friends from Trident Credit Support and Collection Services, Inc. have got you covered with 3 Lenovo tablets!!!! Seriously.

As part of their commitment to help each Filipino remain protected when making a major purchase like a car or property by providing all the due dilligence to make sure there are no alerts or flags on the property title, deeds or with LTO, #TridentAsikaso have also offered up 3 Lenovo tablets for raffle, as well as 10 free background Title and violation checks to our beloved Tito’clockers.

So here’s how it works. We will give the 10 services away to the FIRST 10 PEOPLE who message us privately because they could really use it. WATCH the video to see how it really helps. This is for the SERVICES and NOT the tablet. PLEASE DO NOT PM us for the tablet. That’s for raffle. We want to do it this way for the services because we don’t want to raffle something that may or may not be going to someone buying a car or property. Sayang Lang. You can’t sell it or transfer it anyway, so may as well let someone who really needs it have it.

Ok, if you haven’t sent us a PM for the tablet, as a reward for doing that and being so unselfish, you now have the chance to win it today! Woohoo! Just pop your hand up below and don’t forget to thank our generous friends from Trident! They’ve got you covered!

See you at tito’clock this afternoon for the live draw!

PS: please don’t PM for the Lenovo. That’s being raffled. We don’t choose from messages. That’s only for the service of due diligence services from Trident. #TridentAsikaso

Posted by James Deakin on Wednesday, June 24, 2020

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