How Will You Resolve the Issues of The Past? Trident Asikaso’s Vehicle History Check Service is a helping hand before purchasing second-hand properties

  • By Tridentasikaso
  • March 16, 2021

Finding a second-hand property that suits you is like finding a potential relationship partner who’ve gone through past relationships… the second-hand property, of course, has a history.

And just like love and relationships, sometimes it has gone through a bad history. It is like being struck by love at first sight but later on finding about a partner’s past trauma… or past violations. 

When you are buying a car, you are seldom shown sufficient documents about the history of the vehicle as the records about its history is held by the administrative institutions that chastised its violations.

Trident Asikaso is your “love guru” when it comes to purchasing second-hand properties.

Before buying a second-hand vehicle, you can contact Trident Asikaso to avail their Vehicle History, as many alarms and violations are attached to a property unknown to a buyer, until they arrive in the place where the alarm is effective. 

It’s like being in a one-year relationship only to find out that you are with a married person, “May sabit pala,” you might say out of disappointment.

Trident Asikaso will keep you away from these “sabit.” 

Once Trident Asikaso finds about the active alarm or violation attached to the vehicle, their personals would then communicate to the authority in order for it to be settled, and then proceed to process the Transfer of Ownership for your purchased property. 

And since Trident Asikaso maintains excellent communication with the authorities, the settling of Alarms, Transfer of Ownership, can be processed all in one day. Perfect for a busy client like you!

Let Trident Asikaso take care of the issues of the past. Trident Asikaso is here to settle your property’s history properly and hassle-free!



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