Having Problems With LDR: Long Distance Real Estate? Trident Asikaso will help you maintain your long-distance property properly

  • By Tridentasikaso
  • March 16, 2021

Here’s a story of a hardworking Filipino: he once worked a blue-collar job here in the Philippines until the opportunity to work overseas arised, an opportunity our here did not put to waste. Because, as he believes it, will enable him to fully support his family’s needs, and of course, support the dreams of his kids.

Because that’s how love works sometimes. A little bit of distance wouldn’t hurt, he thought to himself, as long as his family in the Philippines is safe and secured.

Later on, due to hard work, another opportunity emerged, this was the opportunity to be able to buy and own a land, there’s just one thing though, he’s in the Middle East while the land in question is here in the Philippines.

His family is in the Philippines and they’re still my family, he thought to himself, and a land in the Philippines is still my land even when I am far away. So he proceeds to buy the land in question. Now the problem is, does he need to go back here to process the land’s Transfer of Ownership?

Of course not, as long as there is Trident Asikaso. In fact, this type of story isn’t new to Trident Asikaso, as they have handled similar cases before. 

Processing property documents is complicated, but as long it’s with Trident Asikaso, it could be a lot less complicated… even if you’re on the other side of the world.

According to them, the client overseas has to easily provide the following documents: A Consularized Power of Attorney, a Deed of Sale, and the land’s Title. 

Let Trident Asikaso do the work for you… as you continue to work for your family. Contact Trident Asikaso today, maintain your long-distance relationships while we maintain your long-distance property properly, and hassle-free!



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